Satellite Missions

Our OpenOrbit end-to-end mission management solution gets your idea into space quickly, simply and affordably so you can start using insights from satellite data to solve your problems sooner.


Reliability in Orbit

Up to 99.7%

Uptime in current missions


Build Process


Starting Price

Our end-to-end satellite mission process

Satellite constellation & design
We work with you to design the most effective mission, including identifying the right payload and supporting its development when required
Manufacture & testing
We manufacture and test on site, with regular customer reviews to align with your launch timeline
Insurance & compliance
We manage the full range of insurance and compliance solutions, from pre-launch to operation in orbit
Launch service procurement
We have partnerships with eight launch locations around the world, all with the infrastructure and versatility to match the requirements of your mission
Our team operates your mission from LEOP through to IOC and safe disposal using our proprietary mission control software and third-party ground stations

Our approach

At Open Cosmos, we manage the entire mission, from concept design through to manufacture, test and launch so all you need to do is focus on your mission output.

Our high performance small satellite infrastructure can be developed in just months, tested and manufactured on site, launched from a host of global locations and operated by our experienced engineers to deliver the data and insights that matter to your organisation and your customers.


Our Flight team takes charge of daily satellite operations, ensuring smooth communication, anomaly detection and correction, software updates, and collaboration with cross-functional teams. Our comprehensive, web-based mission control software offers flexible control, automation, and seamless integration with DataCosmos for efficient tasking and image processing, simplifying operations and optimising mission efficiency.
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