SWIR imager for environmental monitoring and a laser comms module for improved data transfer

About ALISIO-1

ALISIO-1 is a 6U satellite being built by Open Cosmos for IACTEC-Espacio. The satellite will be used to monitor the global environment and provide data for a variety of applications, including agriculture, forestry, and disaster management.

Unleashing Global Connectivity

ALISIO-1 will be equipped with a DRAGO-2 infrared camera and a CubeLCT laser communications terminal. The DRAGO-2 camera will provide high-resolution images of the Earth's surface in the infrared spectrum. The laser communications terminal will allow the satellite to transmit data at high speeds to ground stations.

Key Features

Satellite: 6U Cubesat

Partners: IACTEC-Espacio

Mass - 9.7 kg

Orbit - ~550-600 km, Sun-Synchronous

Camera - SWIR imaging with a GSD of 50 m. Boasts additional capabilities such as compression, encryption and even super-resolution mode.

Laser Communication Terminal - The CubeLCT will be used to develop and demonstrate space-to-ground communication. The laser terminal can offer speeds of up to a rate of 100 Mbps whereas S-Band downlink speeds are in the range of 1-15 Mbps.

Solar panels - One single deployable and one double deployable, as well as body-mounted panels. These can raise  up to ~75 W in optimal conditions.

S-band - Two dual-patch S-Band antennas will be used to receive telecommands via the Ground Station Provider and downlink payload and housekeeping data.

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