About us

Open Cosmos is dedicated to solving customer problems with insights from space. Whether this is monitoring agricultural yields, assessing the damage of oil spills or providing navigation solutions, we believe that data from satellites is the most effective and sustainable way of achieving this.

Our approach

At Open Cosmos, we design, build, launch and operate advanced satellites through our OpenOrbit end-to-end mission management offering.

We enable organisations to access and share data via our mutualised OpenConstellation infrastructure and offer AI-powered data analysis from a growing range of satellite sources and analytic partners via our DataCosmos platform. 

Our approach not only dramatically lowers the costs, complexity, and timescales of missions, but it also simplifies access to EO data in a way that removes the barriers for all companies – even non-space customers – to address society’s most urgent challenges.
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Open Cosmos

Our origin story

Open Cosmos was founded in 2015 with the vision of simplifying access to space using small satellites, to ensure that a greater number of organisations all over the world could benefit from the richness of satellite data to address their challenges. 

Our first satellite was delivered in record time when we were just a team of five people and the company was a few months old. Since then, we have grown into a multinational company with top talent from all over the world that has delivered advanced telecommunication, earth observation, navigation and scientific satellites. 

Open Cosmos is one of the fastest growing companies in the satellite sector and is committed to put the satellites and the data they gather at the service of solving the biggest global challenges. Take a look at our video (left) to find out more.

A world where insights from space improve life on earth


To design, manufacture and operate satellites that provide actionable information to address the biggest global challenges

Meet our leaders

The Open Cosmos Leadership Team inspires a culture based on core values lived within an inclusive work environment. Their vision and expertise provides a clear strategic direction to ensure we meet our ambitious goals.
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