Pathfinder for GNSS-based positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) solution

Open Cosmos' RHEA DOVER-Pathfinder: Pioneering UK Space Collaboration


In January 2023, Open Cosmos proudly announced the completion of the RHEA DOVER-Pathfinder satellite, designed and built for the RHEA Group. This satellite, named after the Dover Strait, symbolised a groundbreaking step in global navigation and resilience.

Key Achievements

Open Cosmos accomplished the design, manufacturing, and testing of the 3U Cubesat within an impressive four-month timeframe, demonstrating unparalleled efficiency in satellite manufacture.


Despite the successful take off of Cosmic Girl from Spaceport Newquay and rocket ignition of LauncherOne, Virgin Orbit reported an anomaly in the second stage that did not allow the 9 satellites onboard to be deployed and reach the right orbit. An investigation later found the cause to be a dislodged fuel filter.

While disappointed at this result, Open Cosmos remains incredibly proud to have been part of this historic launch.