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DataCosmos is a powerful interface which brings together different types of satellite imagery, data from complementary sources, results from algorithms and a roster of applications to make satellite imagery useful and valuable to organisations looking to monitor and improve their impact on the planet. 

DataCosmos marks a paradigm shift in how companies and organisations can access and use this data by digitalising it and turning it into numbers that can be visualised or run through algorithms to solve the world’s biggest challenges - all without leaving the platform. 

A complete back catalogue with best-in-class tasking 

DataCosmos is pre-loaded with an extensive back catalogue from SpaceWill, Geosat, Sentinel, and Landsat, as well as aerial imagery. Moreover, a comprehensive yet intuitive tasking interface is available to order a satellite to take the perfect picture.

Powerful yet intuitive web interface

There is no need to leave the browser when using DataCosmos. Leverage the integrated layers tool, incredible partner applications, on-the-fly band algebra, and much more. Use the tools you already know.

Thanks to industry standards such as Spatio Temporal Asset Catalog (STAC) and Cloud Optimised GeoTIFFs (COGs), DataCosmos easily integrates with a wide range of GIS tools and Python Jupyter Notebooks. 

Responsive API

All DataCosmos functionalities are available to our customers and partners through APIs. Data from and insights generated in DataCosmos can be embedded into automated decision making workflows, with DataCosmos applications run in the background as soon as new data become available. This allows our customers to ensure they are always working from the latest information available, by integrating timely, actionable and scalable insights into their business-critical processes.


Schedule satellites to capture images that fulfil your needs. Use our intuitive UI to select the exact swath or let our system optimise to find the best option. 

Precise search

Draw or upload regions of interest, filter by capture date and time, select satellite platforms, and select ranges by metadata.

Band algebra 

Use the built in tools to generate band algebra images on the fly. Select from any bands, perform any mathematical operation and choose from a complete list of colour maps 


Effortlessly order the images on the view, select different blending modes and manage the opacity 


Tap into the power of our partners. Run AI applications on top of your images in DataCosmos to detect clouds, buildings, carbon, oil spills or algae. 

False Colour 

Change the way images are displayed to best highlight the data you want to explore 

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