Rafel Jorda Siquier inspires at 2024 Talent Tour


afel Jorda Siquier, the founder and CEO of Open Cosmos, recently participated in the 2024 Talent Tour in Lleida, where he discussed the achievements of Open Cosmos since he was honoured with the Princess of Girona Business Award  in 2023.

The Talent Tour is a one-week event organised by the Princess of Girona Foundation. It aims to assist young people in their personal and professional growth. The Foundation focuses on finding talented young people who can inspire others,  creating programs to help young people find jobs and working on improving teacher training through innovative education methods.

During the event, Rafel talked to Elisenda Bou Balust, a past winner and Head of Media Knowledge and Content Understanding at Apple, about Open Cosmos' recent achievements.

Noteworthy accomplishments included the recent  funding round and the launch of pivotal satellites dedicated to monitoring climate change. Most importantly, Rafel emphasised how the data derived from these satellites is already helping to address urgent global challenges.

Sharing the details of his entrepreneurial journey since Open Cosmos was founded in 2015, Rafel acknowledged that some of our  achievements have only been possible because of the lessons learned when creating Open Cosmos' first satellite in 2017. Despite facing setbacks, the team approached each mistake as a learning opportunity and were able to engineer solutions. All of this, Rafel said, is what has helped us become one of the most technologically advanced companies in the sector today, with a 100% success rate in orbit.

He shared important information about challenges for entrepreneurs and the importance of creating new paths. Rafel told new business owners to begin, embrace mistakes, and rely on their youthful innocence and self-confidence.

Rafel also thanked the Princess of Girona Foundation for helping young entrepreneurs with various opportunities and support. 

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