Open Cosmos to revolutionise Geospatial Data Distribution with Contract for CONIDA's National Geoplatform


arwell, August 2023 - Open Cosmos, a leading space technology company, has been selected by the National Commission for Aerospace Research and Development (CONIDA) to develop an innovative data platform aimed at transforming geospatial data distribution in Peru.

The skeleton of this state-of-the-art platform will be Open Cosmos' existing platform DataCosmos, and will serve as CONIDA's National Geoplatform, facilitating access to diverse geospatial data for over 2,500 public institutions and other private entities in the region through three user profiles.

The first profile is for a basic user, with access to the low-resolution image visualisation. The second is for an intermediate user who will have access to visualisation and download of high resolution images, and third is the advanced user profile who will be able to access image processing tools and develop added value products. 

As the governing body for Space activities in Peru and headquarters of the Space Agency of Peru, CONIDA is at the forefront of advancing space science and technology applications, such as environmental monitoring, agriculture, disaster management and scientific research.

Aurelio Marti Ferrer - Business Development Director for Data at Open Cosmos, said of this contract award:

"This collaboration with CONIDA signifies a significant milestone in our mission to democratise access to space data, and provide organisations worldwide with the insights they need to make actionable decisions. We are honoured to support CONIDA's endeavours in advancing Peru's capabilities in space science and technology and empower civilian access to invaluable geospatial information."

Licenciado José Pasapera Gonzales, (DIAG Director) continued:

“The geoplatform will use data from the Peruvian Satellite System (SSP) which is made up of Earth observation data acquired through PERUSAT-1 and many other satellites from different providers to allow accurate and comprehensive data analysis. The direct synergy of this project with DataCosmos will offer unique information on the changing landscapes of Peru and fostering better decision-making in various sectors”

The National Geoplatform's implementation is expected to catalyse the growth of space-related programs and aerospace technologies in Peru, bolstering the nation's position as a regional leader in the space industry. Moreover, the platform's vast array of applications holds the potential to revolutionise critical sectors and contribute to the country's sustainable development goals.