Open Cosmos founder and CEO honoured with the most reputed Business Award in Spain


alladolid, 14th March 2023 - Open Cosmos CEO and Founder Rafel Jorda Siquier has been honoured with the Princess of Girona Business Award. Designed to recognise the development of talent in young entrepreneurs who bring about significant change in society, the Business Award recognises the careers of young people between the ages of 16 and 35.

Rafel, who founded the organisation in 2015 with a vision to democratise access to space through the development of affordable low earth orbit satellites, was praised by Queen Letizia of Spain for his passion, enthusiasm, leadership and human quality, as well as his dedication to addressing global challenges.

On accepting the award, which was presented at the Valladolid Fair as part of the Talent Tour, Rafel shared insights into what he feels has been key to his journey of success.

“I have only done three things in my career. The first is learning. I learned from my parents, from my friends, from my teachers and people I worked with. The second thing I did was undertake, lose fear and start. And the third thing that I am trying to do is give back to society everything that it has given me, making satellites available as a tool to address the climate crisis, energy emergency and natural resource challenges that we all face right now”

This award comes after several years working with organisations in Spain to deploy strategic satellite infrastructure across Catalonia, Andalucía and the Canary Islands.