Open Cosmos and Connected forge partnership to bring actionable data solutions to the market


ecember 12th 2023, Lisbon – Open Cosmos, the leading space tech business specialising in end-to-end space mission services and satellite data, and Connected, a Portuguese startup committed to universal and affordable narrowband connectivity from space, proudly announce their strategic partnership. The signature ceremony for this groundbreaking collaboration is taking place during an event organised by the British Embassy in Lisbon, PARSUK (Portuguese Association of Researchers and Students in the United Kingdom) and FCT (Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology) with the support of Ciência Viva. The event, which is part of the "UK - Portugal Scientific Dialogues”, is focused on “Addressing Global Challenges through Collaboration”, providing the perfect setting for the signature and announcement of this partnership.

Renowned for democratising access to space and recently raising $50 million in Series B funding, Open Cosmos aims to enable organisations worldwide to address global challenges using satellite data and insights. Connected, a recently incorporated startup dedicated to achieving universal, standardised, and affordable Narrow-Band Internet-of-Things (NB-IoT) connectivity from space using a unique hosted payload model, is poised to revolutionise connectivity.

This collaboration embodies shared goals to bring actionable solutions to a wide range of users in the maritime, environmental and energy industries by combining Connected's IoT capabilities and Open Cosmos satellites. Open Cosmos and Connected will launch end-to-end small satellite missions to Low Earth Orbit (LEO), focusing on  joint Earth Observation (EO) and In-Situ measurements enabled by Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity.

Both companies are growing strongly in Portugal but the partnership will also support Connected internationally. The primary goal is to integrate complementary payloads into orbit, sustainably maximising the collection of data from Earth while preserving the delicate balance of the space ecosystem.

Tiago Rebelo, CEO of Connected, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating,

"This partnership exemplifies our commitment to revolutionise affordable connectivity from space. By joining forces with Open Cosmos, we are not only advancing our mission to become the world’s first connectivity service to be fully hosted on-board third-party satellites, but also contributing to the broader goal of fostering sustainable solutions for in-situ data collection on Earth."

Rafel Jorda Siquier, CEO of Open Cosmos, emphasised the shared vision, saying,

"At Open Cosmos, we believe in the power of collaboration to address global challenges. Teaming up with Connected aligns with our mission to democratise access to space and amplify the impact of satellite data. With this partnership we reinforce our strategic investment in Portugal, strengthening our position as an accelerator of the existing space ecosystem."

In addition to these key strategic goals, the partnership agreement allows Connected to accelerate developments towards a successful in-orbit demonstration next year, with Open Cosmos playing a pivotal role in supporting Connected to advance the development of its mission-critical hardware.

This impactful collaboration is a good example of meaningful international commercial cooperation. It not only generates knowledge and economic value but propels progress towards a sustainable future on Earth and in Space.

About Connected:

Connected, a Portuguese startup established in early 2023, is dedicated to delivering universal, standardised, and cost-effective narrowband connectivity from space. Our commitment to space-based connectivity is powered by our proprietary technology, seamlessly integrated into third-party satellites globally, ensuring a unique and sustainable service. At Connected, we strive to bridge the digital divide, utilising space technology to transform the way individuals and industries connect and operate. Our vision is to make basic connectivity accessible to all, fostering a new era of IoT-based business models and enhancing the quality of life for citizens. For more information, visit 

Event Information:

Signature Ceremony: UK-Portugal Scientific Dialogues: Addressing Global Challenges through Collaboration

Date: Tuesday, 12th of December, 2023

Venue: Pavilhão do Conhecimento, Lisboa

Organizers: The British Embassy in Lisbon, PARSUK (Portuguese Association of Researchers and Students in the United Kingdom) and FCT (Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology) with the support of Ciência Viva

More information:

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