Meet the team

Meet the team

Meet the team

Meet the team

Meet the team

Rafael Jordá Siquier

CEO & Founder

Aleix Megias Homar

VP, Programmes 

Han Lai

Head of Business Development, China

Jordi Barrera Ars

VP, Technology 

Dr. Fàtima P. Godall

VP, People

Tristan Laurent

VP, Market Development

Sam Harper

General Counsel & VP, Policy

Giao-Minh Nguyen

VP, Supply Chain

Florian Deconinck

Head of Bids & Partnerships

Tobias Häfner

Mission Manager

David Maiden

Bid & Partnership Manager

Vittorio Rossello

Bid & Partnership Manager

Jane Shorey

People Ops Associate

Joy Bisicchia

Office Coordinator 

Marc Dayas Codina

Head of Mission Operations

Pedro Coelho

Procurement Manager

Aurelio Marti

Business Development Manager

Suzanne Collins

Business Development Manager UK

Remco Timmermans

Head of Communications

Daniel Sors Raurell

Head of Customer Success

Lucille Baudet

Customer Engagement Manager

Jorge Cano Martínez

Customer Success Engineer

Rob Brennan-Craddock

Systems Engineer

Juan Puig

Junior Systems Engineer

Marcin Pol

RF Engineer

Mario Gómez

Antenna Engineer

Carles Perello

Embedded Software Engineer

Theodor Hussey

Electronics Engineer

Daniel Vea

Electronics Engineer

Siddarth Aurobindo

Mechanical Engineer

Toby Cornwall

Junior Mechanical Engineer

Tom Walford

Software Engineer

Alec York

Junior Mechanical & AIT Engineer

Isaac Llorens

AIT Engineer

Mark Cowan

Lead Flight Software Engineer

Pau Hebrero

Lead Mission Simulation Software Engineer

Pep Rodeja

Software Engineer

Alexandru Gutan

Software Engineer

Manel Pedra

Software Engineer

Chris Lindsay

Junior Software Engineer

Adrien Vaschalde

Software Engineer 

Steven NG

AIT Intern

Ruth Chester

Finance & Executive Assistant Intern 


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